Eastwood Park Conservatives

This leaflet was spotted by a volunteer in Southend West
on Thursday, 03 May, 2012.

Published by Conservative and Unionist Party

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Chris Walker

I intend to visit all residents in the Ward.

Council has won the council of the year award.

Council tax frozen while maintaining customer services despite budget cuts of £15.5m; further £11.9m next year.

Opposition promises to reverse cuts which will increase council tax, paid by you.

UKIP and BNP "echo our frustration" with Europe and concern about immigration, but these are not Local Council issues.

Letter delivered in addressed envelope.

Promoter and Publisher details

Printed by Southend West Conservative Assn, 67 Leigh Road SS9 1JW. Promoted by Andrew Moring, 554 Woodgrage Dr, SS1 3EL. On behalf of: Chris Walker, 256 Rayleigh Rd, SS9 5XL