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Dean Lacey English Democrats

We want an English Parliament

Complete stop to mass immigration


Out of the UN 1951 convention on refugees

English Votes By English MPs

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I am a former member of HM Forces, I have taken an oath to do everything in my power to protect and serve the people of England. I have worked in local Government, Health Care, Business and Kent police. My experience is of life, not wealth. I promise to give you a voice, I will be transparent and waiver my rights to use the expenses system currently in place. I will waiver my right to a 2nd home allowance and promise to stand for the people of Gillingham & Rainham. I aim to make Medway council answerable in everything they do and convey every message and opinion the people of Medway give to me. I will fight to ensure that every decision made is first and foremost in the interests of the people of Gillingham & Rainham before any other consideration. I understand I will be elected by the people, for the people and promise to stand down at the request of the people by way of public vote.

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Saturday, 06 Mar, 2010
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