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Plaid Cymru Dros Cymru Well / For a Better Wales

This leaflet was spotted by a volunteer in Clwyd West
on Saturday, 23 Apr, 2011.

Published by Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales

The coming Welsh election on May 5th is your chance to help change our country for the better. / In this Welsh election, vote Plaid twice for a better Wales. / Wales let down by Con-Dem cuts / 4 Positive Reasons to back Plaid Cymru / Jobs for North Wales / Doctor and Dentists / Connecting Wales / Every Child Counts / Plaid pick strong and experienced team for North Wales

Promoter and Publisher details

Gwenllian Lansdown, Ty Gwynfor, Llys Anson, Glanfa'r Iwerydd, Caerdydd Ar ran / On behalf of: Plaid Cymru, 65 Stryd Y Ffynnon, Rhuthun

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