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Labour has delivered on Health, Education and Employment

This leaflet was spotted by a volunteer in Lanark and Hamilton East
on Sunday, 09 May, 2010.

Published by Labour Party

Health * shortest waiting times since NHS began * Three million more operations each year * Over 44,000 more and better paid doctors * Over 89,000 more and better paid nurses

Education * More new schools in the last decade than last century * Over 42,000 more teachers * 123,000 more teaching assistants * Over 3 million child Trust Funds have been started

Employment * Despite recession - more people in work than in 1997 * National Minimum Wage for the lowest paid workers * Minimum Wage uprated each year - benefits 1 million people * 234,000 apprenticeships now compared to 75,000 in 1997

Mortgages * 65.6% of households are privately owned * Mortgage rates at their lowest levels since the 1950's * On average Mortgage holders re £4,000 a year better off

Pensioners * 3,580 pensioners aged 80+ received £400 winter fuel payment * 21,140 individual recipient households received £250 winter fuel payment * 7,130 pensioners are paid on average $54 per week Pension Credit

Employment * Working and Child Tax Credit paid to 9,400 families * Record increased in Child Benefit

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