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Time (again) to vote green

Thanks to thousands of people like you who already vote Green, the city now has five Green councilors and a regional Green MSP. In fact Glaswegians have made their city the Greenest in Scotland, with more elected Green politicians than any other. It’s time Glasgow got a Green MP and Glasgow North is best placed to provide it. Last year in the European Elections in this constituency e overtook LibDems and Tories and were fewer than 1200 votes behind the winning party. Green Party politicians are proving they can make a difference, bringing practical solutions and challenging the other parties in the City Chambers and Holyrood. On Thursday May 6th you have the chance to show you want a different kind of politics at Westminster too: choose Dr Martin Bartos, the Scottish Green Party candidate, to be your Green MP.

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Sunday, 09 May, 2010
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