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Your union is urging you to vote Labour.

This leaflet was spotted by a volunteer in Islington South and Finsbury
on Thursday, 06 May, 2010.

Published by Labour Party

Polling day is this Thursday — May 6. Your union is urging you to vote Labour.

The opinion polls have thrown the election wide open. But as you go to cast your vote it is time to reflect and remember what‘s at stake.

It's not which party leader has the best clothes or speaking style in the TV debates; it is about your job, your future and your country's future.

Unite has listened to what you and thousands of your fellow members have said in the election campaign and over the last two years. Jobs, skills, the economy, crime, immigration, housing and public services have been the top issues raised with us. We've lobbied Gordon Brown hard on all of them. He has taken action.

Labour is investing in jobs and skills. Unemployment is lower than in previous Tory recessions, when unemployment continued to rise for years after the recession ended. Crime is falling where it rose under the Tories. Immigration is falling and fair controls, with an Australian points—based system, are now in place where there was no system under the Tories. Labour will protect our hospitals, schools and public services but Tory and Liberal Democrat cuts put them under pressure. Labour is investing in Council housing but the Tories are undermining programmes nationally and locally.

It is Labour we trust to actin your best interests to build on the actions taken ln government to lead us all to a better, fairer future.

The Tories want tax cuts for the rich and spending cuts for the rest of us. They have been put under scrutiny and found wanting. Their populist plans don't add up and will axe a million public sector jobs and tens of thousands in the private sector.

The Liberal Democrats will cut spending too, including the pensions of man-y low paid public sector workers. They want curbs on the already limited rights of ordinary trade union members to organise. They will put tens of thousands of skilled workers' jobs at risk, many of them your fellow members of Unite, by scrapping Trident missiles with no plan for dealing with the jobs fall-out.

This is the most important election since 1997. We are coming through the worst global recession since the 1930s. It is action by Labour that has brought us through the recession and into the start of a recovery. Now is the time to support Labour experience, action and fairness. Now is no time for an inexperienced novice. It's why Unite chooses Labour.

So, as you pick up your ballot paper and go into the privacy of the polling booth, please take the time to reflect and then back your union and vote Labour.

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