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There’s only one way to stop five more years of Gordon Brown

This leaflet was spotted by a volunteer in Islington South and Finsbury
on Wednesday, 05 May, 2010.

Published by Liberal Democrats

[NB: the reverse of this leaflet also seen on - both addressed to different members of the same household...]

In many parts of Britain... ...there’s only one way to stop five more years of Gordon Brown

• More tax rises for ordinary families • More waste and bureaucracy • More let downs and broken promises

Only the Lib Dems can beat Labour

You can make the diIference...

For decades Labour and the Conservatives have been taking it in turns to run Britain. We’ve seen all they can offer. This election, it’s time to do something different. lt’s time for real change across Britain with Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats.

• No tax on the first £10,000 you earn • Action to get our economy moving again • Clean up politics and give you the power to sack corrupt MPs • 3000 more police on our streets and action to protect frontline NHS services

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