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Britain can’t afford five more years of Gordon Brown and his failed policies

This leaflet was spotted by a volunteer in Islington South and Finsbury
on Wednesday, 05 May, 2010.

Published by Liberal Democrats

Britain can’t afford five more years of Gordon Brown and his failed policies.

At this election, Britain needs real change. A change to get our economy moving. A change to clean up Westminster sleaze. A change to cut the taxes of ordinary families.

That’s what the Liberal Democrats are offering this time.

ln many parts of Britain, only the Liberal Democrats can defeat Gordon Brown and Labour

ln these areas, voting Conservative can’t change anything. ln fact it could help Labour edge home again. Every last vote will be vital.

Only a vote in the ballot box for the Liberal Democrats can beat Labour this time.

l believe that it’s time to do things differently in Britain. People are fed up with seeing Labour and the Conservatives taking it in turns and failing to deliver.

That’s what got Britain where it is today - broken politics and the worst national debt ever

With the Liberal Democrats, you will get decisive action to clean up politics. We will cut Labours waste so that we can pay back the deficit while protecting public services.

Put your trust in us and together we can change Britain.

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