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This leaflet was spotted by a volunteer in Bury North
on Wednesday, 28 Apr, 2010.

Published by Pirate Party UK

SIDE 1 *Vote Pirate *Graeme Lamber for Bury North

SIDE 2 *Common sense ideas for Bury North *A new political party for the 21st Century *The Pirate Party believes that excessive copyright length hinders creativity, we would reduce copyright to 10 years and leaglise non commerical fil sharing for a fairer society *We also believe the drug patents should be abolosihed in favour of subsidies, to avoid preventable deaths brought about by high drug costs. We are working to reform Libel Law in recomm. with Libel Reform Campaign. *We reject the ever increasing tendency for Govt to spy into our privatel ives, w oppose compulsory ID cards and we oppose the excessive surveillance which we all find ourselves under. Graeme says: *"I am commited to improving the standard of computing education in UK schools, starting in Bury Nth. Whislt many wil say the standard his high, there is always room for improvement. With more and more obs becoming available in IT sector, young peple being computer literate is essential" *I like many was appaled that the decision to close the mat unit spcial care unit children ward and emergency surgery unit at FairField Hospital as aprt of Making it Better programme. The Govt should be looking to get thes services into every hospital in the country not taking them aay from hospitals already offering them. *The PP UK is free of corruption and we seek a transparent govt. I want to see every single corrupted MP boted out of Parliament and given a custodial sentence if they are found to be a guilty of theft or fraud. I am proud of say my part has no overseas donors and have not been involved in any scandals *I am committed to listening to voters and because the PP has no whipping system unlike other candidates who will be forced to vote as their party dictates I am willing and able to take up issues that arei mportant to you. Please get in touch to talk about what I can do to represent your views" *Email Twitter @graemelambert Facbook gramemeppuk Page skype gramemelambert

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