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David Amess - Your Conservative Candidate for Southend West

This leaflet was spotted by a volunteer in Southend West
on Tuesday, 27 Apr, 2010.

Published by Conservative and Unionist Party

David Amess for Southend West. Make Britain great again.

Support for our senior citizens: we will re-link the basic state pention to earnings

Education: we will invest in teacher recruitment and training

Rebuilding the economy: our economy has been completely wrecked with the longest recessionnon record and our national debt is due to rise to £1.4 trillion.

Europe: we will change the law so that never again can areas of power be handed away from Britain to Brussels without the people's agreement in a referendum.

Parliament: not only has the country been destroyed since Labour came to office but so has Parliament. Powers have been lost and must be returned from unelected and unaccountable quangos.

Law enforcement and justice: we will free the police from bureaucracy so that they can tackle the real causes of crime, particularly anti-social behaviour.

Local government: we will give individuals and local governments much more power.

Our health service: we will increase spending on our National Health Service every year and make the NHS work for patients not managers.

Immigration and asylum: on immigration and asylum we will be both firm and fair.

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