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Liberal Democrats are winning for Britain

This leaflet was spotted by a volunteer in Nottingham East
on Saturday, 24 Apr, 2010.

Published by Liberal Democrats

Tax plan - no tax on first £10,000 earned. Fair chance for children - smaller class sizes, more cash for schools, abolish university tuition fees. Fair future: create jobs by making Britain Greener - invest in public transport, renewable energy and energy efficient homes. Fair deal from politicians - make politicians accountable and give the public the right to sack corrupt MPs. Save Victoria Baths - retain and refurbish local baths, rather than knock down and build new one.
Gordon Brown's record of shame:- Spending squeeze for NHS despite Darling's promise. Wrote cheques for Iraq war. Raised taxes on lower paid. Closed thousands of local post offices. Dithered over taking action on MPs' expenses. Intentions to:- Protect NHS frontling services. Put more police on patrol. Restore pensions' earnings' link. Delivery fair pay to armed forces. Liberal Democrats: Run many of biggest cities. Won more votes than Labour in last elections. Stronger than at any time since 1929. Can deliver real change across Britain. Reply coupon to show support for candidate and/or make donation to Lib Dem campaign. (Freepost reply address.)

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