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Re-elect David Amess

This leaflet was spotted by a volunteer in Southend West
on Saturday, 24 Apr, 2010.

Published by Conservative and Unionist Party

Re-elect David Amess as your Conservative Member of Parliamnet for Southend West.

Since first becoming your Member of Parliament back in 1997, I have lived in the constituency with my family. I have done my very best to involve myself in the local community and have raised in Parliament issues of general concern to local residents in Southend West. I am now asking you to allow me to continue working on your behalf, but this time hopefully with a Conservative Government.

It is so important that, should there be a change in Government, Southend West has an experienced Conservative Member of Parliament whose voice will not only be heard but listened to!

In healthcare, we will ensure that money is spent on patient care, not on management and bureaucracy. We will scrap the failed "target" culture. We will restore an effective justice system and ensure the police are doing the job they are employed to do. In local government, we will devolve power from Whitehall to local areas. In defence, we will give more support to our armed forces. In europe we will seek a mandate to re-negotiate. On immigration, we will secure our bordersand reduce net immigration. In education, we wiull support our teachers. We will give more independence to our schools to drive up standards. Power should be given back to Parliament and taken away from unelected quangos. Finally, confidence must be restored to our economy and our national debt addressed.

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