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Geoffrey Woollard Independent

I am standing as an INDEPENDENT because, though I was a Conservative County Councillor and a party activist, I disagree with Mr James Paice and the Conservatives on certain issues. I disagree with Mr Paice regarding hunting and hare coursing [...] Conservatives say they want to 'un-ban' hunting. Shame on them. I disagree with Mr Paice and the Conservatives on the misguided adventure in Afghanistan. I disagree with Mr Paice concerning the future of our Cambridgeshire Fens. My belief is that he has paid too much attention to the few proponents of the National Trust's so-called 'Wicken Vision' and too little attention to its many opponents.

I want the electors of South East Cambrigeshire to be put 'on the map' and what a turn-up it would be if they returned a truly independent M.P. [...] I want credit to be given where credit is due. The New Labour Governments have done much good. I want more people to be enthusiasts for Cambridgeshire's Education [...] And I want our local economy to thrive [...] I want a slowing down of inward migration to Cambridgeshire and a slowing down of immigration nationally.

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Wednesday, 21 Apr, 2010

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