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England,A Nation of Animal Lovers

Pray stop live exports of animals,experiments on animals and help build on legacy of St.Francis of Assissi,Ghandiji,Reverend Broome of RSPCA and make a straight choice to make Brittania a leading force for Good at home and abroad,ethical,enterprising,creative,dynamic,ethical and caring with creative industries and commerce,art,culture and all flourising with Green and vegan businesses at the forefront.Also,how about using one of RAF air fields closing down being turned into 4th UK airport of the North instead of Londons 4th runaway to bring the north closer to Europe,asia and all and also a new Millenium centre like the one in Cradiff so we can host all year sports events,gospels events,where the rood closes and can accomodate over twenty thousand folks .also how about a cultural palace with an interfaith centre to bring coomunities togather and share ideas and forgetting differences and celebrating diveristy with an awe inspiring fusion of eats and west architecutre and making the north a hub of creative industries as many heavy industries have closed down?phew.lets give hope and leadership and directiion to youth with jobs,opportunities as idel minds are devils playground.

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Thursday, 15 Apr, 2010

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