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Swindon Tories Make Vuknerable Pay for their waste and Incompetance

This leaflet was spotted by a volunteer in North Swindon
on Wednesday, 07 Apr, 2010.

Published by Labour Party

Tory Budget is a THREAT to our Comunities because it -Increased the cost of residential home charges from £417 to £700 a week. - Spent £450,000 on the Wi-fi Project that is still not working - Spent £350,000 buying stones for a town centre shop front - Spent £70,000 on studies for a canal that goes nowhere - Spent £450,000 on the Radio 1 Big Weekend (they told you it wouldn't cost a penny) - Spent £130,000 on London lobbyists when they should be working with the town's hard working MPs - Spent £500,000 on refurbishing council offices where they are slashing the wages of the lowest paid staff - Slashed funding for meals on wheels - Increased the cost for burying and cremating the dead - Cut the money for filling potholes by a whopping £500,000 - Cut street cleaning budget by £150,000 - Cut support for job placements for the disabled - Cut the council's dedicated fly tipping crew

David Cameron said he would run the country like a Tory Council DONT GIVE HIM THE CHANCE

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